I am a Pacific Northwest native born and raised in the Seattle WA area, later migrating to Vancouver WA across the river form Portland OR. For two decades I played the club circuit in and around Portland with several top 40 bands including my own while managing to squeeze in the occasional Jazz gig. In the mid 70's I was fortunate to land the guitar chair with my then Jazz appreciation instructor and fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber. I played on Jeff's second album "Soft Space", as did  Chick Corea, and Joe Farrell.

    Having spent the last few years of the 80's on the road I moved back to the Portland area and found myself in  the middle of a thriving Blues scene. I jumped right in and  soon became  the musical director for the award winning Margo Tufo Blues Band. Not long afterwards, I moved to Seattle and again found my way into the top local Blues and R&B bands surrounded by great players. During this time I recorded with Kate Hart on her Grammy nominated album 'Lucy Mongrel, spent 2 years with LJ Porter and another year with Korla Wygal among others, as well as having several bands of my own.

    The first 7 years of 2000 were spent as guitarist/vocalist/engineer/producer for the twenty-five year, and running, "New Blues Brothers" tribute band out of Tacoma WA. Late in 2007 I relocated to Las Vegas where opportunities for growth continued. I've opened for such notable acts as: Tower Of Power, Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson, Chris Duarte, Bernard Allison, Blood Sweat and Tears, Little River Band, Joey Defrancesco, Presidents of the United States, and others. I've been fortunate to be able to share the stage and/or work in the studio with: Jeff Lorber, Larry Coryell, Rocco Prestia, Aynsley Dunbar, Ronny Foster, Jerry Miller, Nokie Edwards, Tim "Too Slim" Langford, Jim Belushi, Engineer-Producer Rick Fisher, "Little Bill" Engelhart,  Butterbean, Kenny G, Tom Grant, DK Stewart, The Wailers, Seattle Women, Vicky Martinez, Lee Oskar, Denny Bixby, Carlton Jackson, Rob Tommas, Bruce Carter, Curtis Salgado, Mike Klinger, Tim Scott, Brad Cordell, Ric Ulsky, Mark Riley, Junior Brantley, Robert Shipley, "Z", Paul Campanella Jr and the list continues to grow.

    In the studio behind the console I've produced and engineered many sessions including two of Mark Riley's CD's "Mad Man" and "Do You Think I Can Hit It From Here?" both nominated for "Best Blues CD by the WBS. I produced, engineered, mixed and played guitar for the New Blues Brothers Cd's "Scratch & Sniff" and "Backin' Up Santa" along with the 9 song demo for "The Slick Willie Orchestra" out of Las Vegas. I also wrote, produced, recorded and engineered my 2005 album "Misty's Joint" including cover art, graphics and layout.

    At the risk of sounding trite, everyone from old to new as well as all styles of music! I've never heard anyone who hasn't influenced me in one way or another. I tell my students "Listen to everything you can get your hands on" I don't care who it is. Absorb everything you can from your time spent. Life is about growth through learning.

    All of my Influences converge,  I am a musical mongrel. A "Blues Fusionist". Music is a varied language and having a wide range of interests, has given me a broad ranging "voice". At the core, I feel it's imperative to have an understanding of the fretboard and to be able to play from the heart. To find yourself in a groove so deep you can live in it!

    My teaching began over 40 years ago when I was 15 years old. I started teaching students after school and on Saturdays for a local music store. Typical of most serious musicians I taught days and played nights and continue to do so today.  My methods of teaching are as varied as music itself which I draw on continually to keep the student connected.  I feel it's extremely important as well to have a solid foundation including chord building and scales, insuring unlimited future growth.  My students have ranged from beginners on up, from very young kids to adults.



"Dean Reichert is an amazing guitarist. His solo technique is blistering with a bluesy soulful approach and he sings in the same soulful way. To top it off he's one of the nicest guys I know. He is truly a world class musician."
Emilio Castillo - Bandleader for Tower of Power

"Soulful, Explosive, Organic, Masterful, World Class, are words I to describe Dean Reichert and his music. This Pacific Northwest  guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer has gained the admiration of fans and the respect of his peers. He continues to push the envelope fusing different styles of music into his own.
I've seen him play gutbucket blues guitar one night and then the next night swinging bebop. Dean sings and plays a great show with never a dull moment."
Dennis Ellis - Musician, owner of the B# Coffee House, Tacoma.